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Automotive data presentation video

Dark background image from the sports car and a bar chart at the front.

Add graph data for automotive topics.

Gradient vector graph is made from Prezi shapes that are easy to edit and change color. Read More

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Photo presentation presentation video

Photo streaming concept presentation with a background of the sky and transparent white screens behind photo frames. Show photos, media, images and use ready made white photo frames with rounded corners.

Place image to the photo frame, resize it if you need and arrange it horizontally or vertically. Can be a virtual gallery of images and photos streaming over the sky or TV screen. Read More

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Animated Brain Gears Presentation video

Video from Animated Brain Gears Presentation. Prezi animated template Thinking Brain Gears is about motion, gears in movement. Prezi template with elements: gears, animation, head, woman. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE Read More

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Power on presentation video

Prezi template presenting a process with power on switch and arrow. Press the metal design grey button and presentation will start as button turns orange. Recommended for technology related topics – connect computer, show hardware related problems, electricity, energy, electronics, global topics. Read More

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Creative Circle presentation video

Animated colorful 3D Prezi template with motion circles.

Abstract, can be used in any topic.

Easy to customize and move colorful circles around.
Read More

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Making connections presentation video

Making connections Prezi template with connecting peoples together. Communicate with social media message.

Connect a team or a group of friends, men, women, job seekers, business contacts, LinkedIn group, facebook community together and display an information about every person.

Could be a presentation about friendship connection, business information about team members. Add social icons from Prezi symbols. Read More

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Hourglass Presentation video

Video from Hourglass Presentation. Prezi template with hourglass element. While zooming in the 3D background appear. Use paper style rounded circle elements for your content – headline, subtitle, text, images, videos. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE Read More

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Business laptop presentation video

Business Prezi template with colorful rectangles and laptop MacBook pro. 3D motion on background with the modern layout where open Macbook pro is floating on air and squares are flying away from the screen. Abstract creative design for business and technology topics. Simple beautiful creative design with multiple colorful Read More

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Creativity Circle presentation video

Video from Creativity Circle presentation template.

Prezi Template to present creative ideas.

Colorful static circles are separated elements. Read More

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Graphic Design presentation video

Prezi template where beautiful colorful circles arranged as abstract shape and is best for the presentation about graphic design or art. Template has a brush with shadow and white 3D background. Cool motion when changing slides.

Prezi has a creative layout and radial movement from slide to slide where circles appearing from the background. If you are an artist, painter, graphic designer or you want a presentation for your Design company, then this modern design is for you. Template is useful also for art teachers.

Read More

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