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Connection presentation video

Abstract conceptual image of the business human head and gears cogwheel idea connection teamwork or space travel through the time. Read More

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Magic of spin Presentation video

Video from Magic of spin Presentation. Prezi template Magic of spin has a cool zoom in effect to the background where circles are lined out like a spiral, making an illusion. The design of presentation is looking abstract, but the movement creates an illusion. The presentation is recommended for various topics. Amaze your audience with spinning zoom in movement. DOWNLOAD Read More

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Colors in Motion presentation video

Creative Prezi template with amazing motion effect and lots of colorful dots arranged in a circle illustration.

Colorful vector dots and abstract circular multicolor halftone pattern as design element.

Useful for inspirational, funny designs, cool and happy presentations. Read More

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Seeking Trends presentation video

Beautiful and stylish Prezi Template for presenting new ideas, trends, fashion, life, technology, dreams.

Abstract design with light 3D background. Read More

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Futuristic Concept presentation video

Futuristic concept Prezi template with HUD background infographic elements.

Good for topics: future, product launch, technology, presenting new ideas.

Prezi with mechanical concentric abstract blur 3d background. Read More

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Animated Circle of Time Presentation video

Video from Universal Abstract Animated Prezi template. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE Read More

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Connection structure presentation video

Abstract background with connected lines and integrated circles. The concept for communication, business, social media, eco, technology network and web design.
Structure with connected lines with 3D background effect. Add more circles, change size and color.

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Unlock creativity presentation video

Creative template with lock symbol made from semi-transparent colourful circles with 3D background effect.

Unlock Creativity has elegant colorful design and is recommended for various topics, for example, creativity code, creativity hack, cyber creativity, control creativity, creativity trends.

The topic of this template is find the key and open the lock. Customise this template, add your own texts and titles, insert photos and videos, add symbols and draw lines. Abstract computer related design made from colorful circles, where lock in the center of presentation is the main element. Simple and trendy style. Read More

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Business squares presentation video

Prezi template with colorful squares for a business presentation. Use square in the center of the company logo. Abstract brochure design layout with colorful semi-transparent squares for company introduction.

Cool 3D motion Prezi background effect. Elements are trendy and isolated from the background.

Colorful Prezi shapes, add your logo and content. Creative set of elements, rhombus for a brand introduction.

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Creative Circle presentation video

Animated colorful 3D Prezi template with motion circles.

Abstract, can be used in any topic.

Easy to customize and move colorful circles around.
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