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Biology presentation video

Biology Prezi template has molecular structure abstract background.

Recommended for topics: biology, biotechnology, cell, chemist, chemistry, chromosome, cloning, health, medical, medicine, microbiology, molecular, molecule, research, science.

Template has Prezi 3D background, where text and content appear with animation. Read More

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Choice presentation video

Young businesswoman with glasses is holding imaginary futuristic shape made from semi-transparent circles on her hands.

Make cool animation from slide to slide. Read More

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World Connections presentation video

World connections Prezi template with cool animation on the 3D background.

White circles are connected together with white lines.

A Concept of linking between items, ideas, connections.

Prezi has a vector based world map, which stays sharp even when you zoom inside.

Prezi is best for topics like world business trading, logistics, internet connections, communication and technology.

You can find places around the globe and place text there. Read More

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Video Presentation

Universal colourful Prezi template with tv screens and transparent circles.

Prezi with animation and 3D background. Read More

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3D sphere Presentation video

Video from 3D sphere Presentation. Prezi template 3D sphere has a symbol of 3D sphere made from tiny dots with cool animation when zoomed in. The presentation is recommended for various topics. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE Read More

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Communication Presentation video

A sea themed Prezi Template about communication.

Contains many symbolic elements that characterize different communication methods.

Move, rearrange or delete the elements and create your own story. Read More

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Circle Diagram Infographics presentation video

Circle diagram infographics Prezi template with process animation.

The concept with eight options, parts, steps or processes.

Circle infographic element with any topic. Placeholder for a company logo.
Read More

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Free Animated Merry Christmas Presentation video

Video from Free presentation template. Prezi template with Christmas tree, made from green and red circles. Template has background animation of falling snow and background music “Dashing through the snow”. Change wishes and texts. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE Read More

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Upside presentation video

Prezi has a background image of a dark mountain near sunset and an upside down city at sunrise. Cool animation effect happens when moving from one slide to another where city or mountains will appear with the 180-degree turn.

Good for the topic – Differences between Rural and Urban Societies, Compare and Contrast Urban and Rural Living, Comparison Between City Life and Country Life, Quality of Life Comparison.

Add your logo, pictures, videos. Draw charts or simply change example charts that are made entirely from Prezi shapes. Insert more shapes from Prezi Symbols & shapes menu. Read More

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Technology concept Presentation video

Video from presentation template Techno drawing. Prezi template Techno drawing  has technology concept where rings and signs are placed circle shape on the gray gradient background. The Presentation is looking simple and elegant. The presentation has cool animation from slide to slide on the 3D background. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE Read More

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