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Modern infographic presentation video

Video from Modern infographic presentation template. Modern Infographic report Prezi template with placeholders for any statistics data. Super cool motion with 3D background appears while zooming in. Modern design for Infographics, has colorful circle design element at the background. Demo content includes lots of charts, bars, made from shapes, so you can resize and scale Read More

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Circle of time presentation video

Digital circles concept Prezi Template

Animated colorful circles in motion.

Universal Prezi template for any kind of topic. Read More

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Photo Slideshow presentation video

Photo album or image slideshow Prezi Template.

Create photo gallery or use as a photography template for your portfolio presentation.

Add your holiday photos or any kind of photos. Read More

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Globe presentation video

Close-up of a girl’s hands holding together and a shining globe is floating in the air above hands.

Place text all over the globe, zoom in and use continents, cities or any places and landmarks for positioning a slide.

Best for global topics: global business, events, marketing, global problems, protecting the environment.
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Night City presentation video

Prezi has a great zoom in effect and Dark theme with three 3D city skyscrapers.

You can place slides also over the vector based houses, buildings, skyscrapers.

Give a presentation about business, city life, real estate prices, communication in the modern city or any other topic.

If you want to add sounds – City background noise or background music fits perfectly and creates an extra realistic look for the Prezi presentation.

Use white transparent frames to add your content in the Prezi. Read More

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Photo Gallery on a Sunny Afternoon presentation video

Photo Gallery on a Sunny Afternoon Prezi template.

A beautiful display of your images gently swaying on branches of a tree on a sunny afternoon.

Presentation with 3D motion background. Read More

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Circle Diagram Infographics presentation video

Circle diagram infographics Prezi template with process animation.

The concept with eight options, parts, steps or processes.

Circle infographic element with any topic. Placeholder for a company logo.
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eCommerce presentation video

Prezi template for a web page presentation with Prezi 3D background effect. iMac computer is standing on a grey wooden table and presenting a company introduction theme.

Template is best for advertising a web page, customer service, e-Commerce or any kind of e-service. All elements are separate, replace computer screen with your company web page. Replace headline, texts, images. Rectangular placeholders are designed specially for photos, they have transparent circular shapes. Read More

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Race presentation video

Animated Prezi template with colorful gauge. The concept of racing.

The current topic is race against time, that showing inventions in year or measures any kind of performance idea what comes to your mind. Read More

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Catching big idea presentation video

Gray gradient background and blue man head silhouette profile view in the foreground where a businessman with fish rod catching big idea bulb from the brain or the human mind. The concept of needing good ideas, catching best ideas from people minds, brainstorming.

Idea fishing from the brain with the rod is recommended for any topic related to innovation, business idea, achievement, efficiency, business planning. Creative design can be a topic for copyright protection, intellectual property protection, idea protection,piracy.

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