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Travel Plan presentation video

Downtown scenery illustration in flat design style with shadows, 8 shape road and loop car race. Read More

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Car Presentation presentation video

Template has a really stylish car in a garage and this seemed to be a car of the future.

In this Car presentation Prezi template, we have picked good fonts that fit perfectly to the auto topic. Read More

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Eco presentation video

The light bulb is like the earth, surrounded by green leafs, and the main context is ecological or environmental thinking. Includes humor in sample texts. Slides have light blue background and clouds with Prezi 3D background effect.
Prezi includes elements such as electric train, the electric car, eco house, bike, rocket, motor boat. Insert more shapes from Prezi Symbols & shapes menu.

Good for topics – Ecological and Environmental Sciences, Environmental and Ecological Statistics, Ecological and Environmental Management.
Elements are all separate and can be moved, changed or deleted. Create your own unique design, if you wish. Read More

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Automotive data presentation video

Dark background image from the sports car and a bar chart at the front.

Add graph data for automotive topics.

Gradient vector graph is made from Prezi shapes that are easy to edit and change color. Read More