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Stages Diagram presentation video

Prezi template with 6 stages circle flow chart production and political map as the background image.

Use it to show for your plans, steps, stages. It has a starting and ending point.

Insert more arrows and lines to make charts and present your views, innovative business ideas. Read More

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Dark infographics layout Presentation video

Video from Dark infographics layout Presentation. Infographics layout on a dark background. For showing location, information, statistics, bar chart, pie chart. Includes timeline infographic, vector based gray world map. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE Read More

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Circle Infographics presentation video

Circle infographics Prezi template is made from vector circle elements for the infographic.

It can be Prezi template for cycling diagram, graph, presentation or round chart.

Prezi has a business concept with 8 options, parts, steps or processes.

Prezi template is made from lines, bars, graphs, circles. Read More

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Circle Diagram Infographics presentation video

Circle diagram infographics Prezi template with process animation.

The concept with eight options, parts, steps or processes.

Circle infographic element with any topic. Placeholder for a company logo.
Read More

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Infographic layout presentation video

Infographic layout Prezi template with the world map, sample icons for population infographic, location infographic, bar chart, pie chart and other infographics elements on a light grey layout background.

Describe business data, marketing data, with people icons, histogram, bar chart, pie chart, timeline symbols. Recommended for statistics, population, location, economic, world infographics. Read More

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Automotive data presentation video

Dark background image from the sports car and a bar chart at the front.

Add graph data for automotive topics.

Gradient vector graph is made from Prezi shapes that are easy to edit and change color. Read More