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Modern infographic presentation video

Video from Modern infographic presentation template. Modern Infographic report Prezi template with placeholders for any statistics data. Super cool motion with 3D background appears while zooming in. Modern design for Infographics, has colorful circle design element at the background. Demo content includes lots of charts, bars, made from shapes, so you can resize and scale Read More

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Circle of Statistics presentation video

Circle of statistics is a professional looking presentation, designed for business.

Recommended for statistics related topics.

Template has an illustration of colourful circles inside of each other and lots of placeholders for data – infographics, reports, graphs, images, numbers, pie charts, diagrams, progress.

Clean and modern style. Can be presented as a progress bar, to show information step by step. Read More

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Stages Diagram presentation video

Prezi template with 6 stages circle flow chart production and political map as the background image.

Use it to show for your plans, steps, stages. It has a starting and ending point.

Insert more arrows and lines to make charts and present your views, innovative business ideas. Read More

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Sales report presentation video

Show your business to your potentials clients in a clean and elegant way with this Professional Prezi template of sales report.

Change colors, modify shapes, texts, charts. All shapes are vector base and charts are editable. Prezi has separated elements to create your own unique layout. Read More

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Career Plan presentation video

Prezi template for career planning or medical topic.

Female hand is drawing cycles, hierarchy, charts and other elements with white pen on the screen against white blur 3d background.
Read More

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Upside presentation video

Prezi has a background image of a dark mountain near sunset and an upside down city at sunrise. Cool animation effect happens when moving from one slide to another where city or mountains will appear with the 180-degree turn.

Good for the topic – Differences between Rural and Urban Societies, Compare and Contrast Urban and Rural Living, Comparison Between City Life and Country Life, Quality of Life Comparison.

Add your logo, pictures, videos. Draw charts or simply change example charts that are made entirely from Prezi shapes. Insert more shapes from Prezi Symbols & shapes menu. Read More

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Ranking presentation video

Ranking Prezi template is the best for ordering popular things, objects, ideas, people etc.

Rankings make it possible to evaluate information according to certain criteria.

Prezi with light background with 3D rooftop objects.

Insert your images, text, slides, content. Change statistics and charts for business presentation, or use it for your portfolio showcase. Read More

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Detailed Analytics presentation video

Businessman’s hands are typing financial data into a computer.

Screen are filled with graphics and charts while hands are working on a laptop computer.

An entrepreneur is analyzing business data from his notebook.

Close-up of graph and charts analyzed by businessmen.

Statistics Concept with the colorful user interface made from gradient squares arranged as a bar graph.
The modern computer on table showing charts. Read More