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Creative circles presentation video

Creative circles Prezi template with multiple colorful semi-transparent ring shapes and 3D background.

Every slide has extra semitransparent vector based white background to make the text better to read.

Add jokes and humor. It matches perfectly to this colorful template. Read More

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Circle of Technology presentation video

Virtual technology circle for your business message.

Creative Prezi template with cool motion effect where multiple transparent squares are arranged in a circle.

Futuristic and cool universal design, most suitable for technology and society related topics.

Change text, add your logo and use symbols to illustrate your content Read More

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Colors in Motion presentation video

Creative Prezi template with amazing motion effect and lots of colorful dots arranged in a circle illustration.

Colorful vector dots and abstract circular multicolor halftone pattern as design element.

Useful for inspirational, funny designs, cool and happy presentations. Read More

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Creative Thinking presentation video

Creative thinking Prezi template with sketching an idea with pen, 3D background effect.

Good for many creative topics; for seminars, teaching, marketing, technology, management, brainstorming. Read More

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Descriptive Circles Presentation video

Video from Descriptive Circles Presentation. Descriptive Prezi template with 3D blur background and lots of colorful semitransparent circles. It is a Creative Prezi template and best for business and educational topics. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE   Read More

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Think big presentation video

Think Big Ideas

Colorful gear light bulb. Creative business concept Prezi with gears. Read More

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Creative Spinning Wheel Presentation video

Multi-purpose Prezi template with spinning color wheel made from small boxes Read More

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Circle template bundle video

Video from Circle template bundle. More than $50 worth of templates for only $25 Save money by downloading the most popular Prezi templates. 50% off Circle Bundle includes the 6 most popular Prezi Presentation Templates from the circle theme. Templates included: Circle of time Circle of Technology Creative Circle Colors in Motion Circle of statistics Read More

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Apps development presentation video

Creative template with mobile phone floating on air in the center of presentation in front of the world map background.

Slides for content located in colorful semi-transparent circles.

Recommended for mobile apps development presentations, iPhone apps, smartphone apps, phone applications, top apps, cellphone development, technology and smartphone, apps and games, mobile games, touchscreen apps, android, windows phone apps, smartphone concept, app development, app programming. Read More

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Think outside the box presentation video

Creative template with big 3D box in the center and colorful boxes surrounding it.The presentation has 3D background effect when zooming in.
Thinking outside the box concept Prezi with the image of sky and clouds located inside the box. Think outside the box concept, present ideas, freedom, inspiration, success, progress, future, new ideas. Add video, images, photos, more slides. Read More

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