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Key presentation video

Young businesswoman is holding a key in her hands.

Focus point is on her hands, holding a key.

A key is hanging on a small chain made of blue circles. Cool motion from slide to slide.

A Key is a vector based Prezi element. Create your story. Read More

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Circle Diagram Infographics presentation video

Circle diagram infographics Prezi template with process animation.

The concept with eight options, parts, steps or processes.

Circle infographic element with any topic. Placeholder for a company logo.
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Race presentation video

Animated Prezi template with colorful gauge. The concept of racing.

The current topic is race against time, that showing inventions in year or measures any kind of performance idea what comes to your mind. Read More

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Hourglass Presentation video

Video from Hourglass Presentation. Prezi template with hourglass element. While zooming in the 3D background appear. Use paper style rounded circle elements for your content – headline, subtitle, text, images, videos. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE Read More