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Spiral of Creativity presentation video

Colorful Prezi with 3D elements for expressing ideas, creativity Read More

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Roses presentation video

Roses Prezi template for popular events like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Best Friends Day, Weddings, Girlfriend’s Day.

Make a romantic Prezi to your love.

Smell the roses and make a romantic wish for your love.

Wish coworkers, friends, and family a happy holiday with this Prezi and bring smiles on their faces.

Tell them how special they are to you.

This Prezi could brighten up their days. Make a warm greeting with this Prezi.

It is perfect opportunity to express your love to your family in the most extraordinary way

Change text and move slides, roses around, because they are separate elements. Read More

Medicine presentation video

Trendy and magazine-style text layouts with fading white backgrounds.

Show inside the human body, microscopic world, red blood cells, white cells, viruses, pills.

Ultra-high resolution images with transparent background. Add your headlines, text and insert your logo.

All elements are separate, move them, resize them and make your unique layout.

Give a presentation about signs and symptoms of some kind of disease, treatment or just simply show for kids what is inside of blood. Read More

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Green Energy video template

Green energy Prezi template can help demonstrate the importance of getting an alternative source of electricity for your house or work environment.

Template has a green gradient background and different vector based shapes like arrows, solar panels. Read More

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Dark infographics layout Presentation video

Video from Dark infographics layout Presentation. Infographics layout on a dark background. For showing location, information, statistics, bar chart, pie chart. Includes timeline infographic, vector based gray world map. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE Read More

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Photo Slides presentation video

Colorful Prezi template for showing photos on slides.

Gray radial gradient 3D background with colorful rounded squares that merge with circles in the center.

Insert your photos, images, text and logo. Change the number of the year. Read More

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Family tree Presentation video

Video from Family tree Presentation. Family tree with green semi-transparent circles and white circles as text placeholders for family information. Connect circles together to show relationships between family. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE Read More

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Photo Gallery on a Sunny Afternoon presentation video

Photo Gallery on a Sunny Afternoon Prezi template.

A beautiful display of your images gently swaying on branches of a tree on a sunny afternoon.

Presentation with 3D motion background. Read More

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Futuristic Concept presentation video

Futuristic concept Prezi template with HUD background infographic elements.

Good for topics: future, product launch, technology, presenting new ideas.

Prezi with mechanical concentric abstract blur 3d background. Read More

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Soccer Presentation video

Prezi template with a soccer ball concept.

Includes human silhouettes and animated clouds on the background.

Create a fascinating story and present how to reach your goal.

A good Prezi for a motivational presentation. Read More

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