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Medical Cardiogram Presentation video

Video from Medical Cardiogram Presentation. Prezi template cardiogram has heart cardiogram symbol in the centre and several process symbols over the gray gradient background. The presentation is recommended for topics like medicine, health, healthcare, hospital, fitness, sport. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE Read More

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Dark infographics layout Presentation video

Video from Dark infographics layout Presentation. Infographics layout on a dark background. For showing location, information, statistics, bar chart, pie chart. Includes timeline infographic, vector based gray world map. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE Read More

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Timeline Infographics presentation video

Timeline infographics Prezi template with infographic concept – timeline steps, years and events.

Simple and elegant Prezi with colorful gradient labels, gray gradient background and cool motion, step by step showing events. Read More

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Digital fingerprint presentation video

Prezi template has a digital security system concept with big red thumb fingerprint for granting access to critical computer data.

Big red thumbprint sensor and technology related light gray background. Recommended for technology and security related topics – surveillance, future sensors, safety, computer security, internet security, internet safety, digital security. Read More