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Key presentation video

Young businesswoman is holding a key in her hands.

Focus point is on her hands, holding a key.

A key is hanging on a small chain made of blue circles. Cool motion from slide to slide.

A Key is a vector based Prezi element. Create your story. Read More

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Mathematics Presentation video

Video from Mathematics Presentation. Prezi template mathematics with the concept of an open book and mathematical equations are flying over the book. The design of presentation is looking simple, but while zooming in, blurred equations will appear on the background. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE Read More

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Roses presentation video

Roses Prezi template for popular events like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Best Friends Day, Weddings, Girlfriend’s Day.

Make a romantic Prezi to your love.

Smell the roses and make a romantic wish for your love.

Wish coworkers, friends, and family a happy holiday with this Prezi and bring smiles on their faces.

Tell them how special they are to you.

This Prezi could brighten up their days. Make a warm greeting with this Prezi.

It is perfect opportunity to express your love to your family in the most extraordinary way

Change text and move slides, roses around, because they are separate elements. Read More

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Travel Plan presentation video

Downtown scenery illustration in flat design style with shadows, 8 shape road and loop car race. Read More

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3D sphere Presentation video

Video from 3D sphere Presentation. Prezi template 3D sphere has a symbol of 3D sphere made from tiny dots with cool animation when zoomed in. The presentation is recommended for various topics. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE Read More

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Square of Time presentation video

Square of Time Prezi Template. Digital Squares concept Prezi Template Animated & colorful squares in motion. Read More

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Spiral timeline infographics Presentation video

Video from Spiral timeline infographics Presentation. Prezi template with spiral timeline design layout and sample infographics. Tell your story using timeline and displaying a list of events in chronological order. Includes vector design elements, dates, reports. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE Read More

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Search Presentation video

Video from Search Presentation. Search Prezi template has colorful semi-transparent rectangles arranged into a shape of a loupe. 3D background of loupe and rectangles will appear when zooming in. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE Read More

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Discovery Island presentation video

Prezi template, can be used in business, personal, charitable, educational Prezis.

Includes top view of the island, houses, swimming pool, mountains, umbrellas and other elements.

Move elements, change texts. Read More

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Computer Infographics presentation video

Prezi infographics template with World map on the computer screen.

Containing all continents in a detailed map with borders and countries.

Easily copy and paste data into slides. Move and duplicate colorful semi-transparent circles.

Use this template to Present worldwide data and relations between items. Read More

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