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Medical Cardiogram Presentation video

Video from Medical Cardiogram Presentation. Prezi template cardiogram has heart cardiogram symbol in the centre and several process symbols over the gray gradient background. The presentation is recommended for topics like medicine, health, healthcare, hospital, fitness, sport. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE Read More

Medicine presentation video

Trendy and magazine-style text layouts with fading white backgrounds.

Show inside the human body, microscopic world, red blood cells, white cells, viruses, pills.

Ultra-high resolution images with transparent background. Add your headlines, text and insert your logo.

All elements are separate, move them, resize them and make your unique layout.

Give a presentation about signs and symptoms of some kind of disease, treatment or just simply show for kids what is inside of blood. Read More

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Think Green presentation video

Think green Prezi template with green brain covered with grass.

Brain showing intelligence and social thinking as healthcare and medicine icon for mental behavior.

The human brain is covered with green grass. Read More